Geometric Figures

Geometric Figures 

Geometric Figures

This natural toy collection will introduce babies to basic learning shapes- pyramid, cone, cylinder, cube and sphere. As the babies grow up they will remember these principle sensory-play shapes, which also make up most of the world surrounding them. They are perfect for physical, coordinative, and perceptive skills. Feel, learn and worry-free play!

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Oli and Carol with Tutete


“And we finally have in our shop the bath toys and teethers from Oli&Carol. We like them SO much because: they’re made from natural rubber from Hevea, they’re painted by hand with chewable dyes, they’re biodegradable and sustainable with the environment, and they don’t contain PVC, BPA or Nitrostamine. And if this isn’t enough, this brand created by two sisters help kids from the north of india go to school. What a lovely brand.” - Online Store based in Spain.

Oli and Carol with Lettering and Design


“My baby has loved these for teething and I love that they're made of a natural rubber with no holes for mold to grow. A socially responsible company as a bonus! We're big fans.” - Owner of Allie Seidel, Lettering & Design blog, mother.