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Ideal baby gift: Packs of baby teethers and baby bath toys - Oli&Carol


Looking for baby gifts? At Oli&Carol we have selected the following sets to gift babies and kids.

Our toys are safe teethers & bath toys for babies and also great as decorative objects. They have no holes preventing the creation of bacteria and mold.

Find your favorite natural rubber toys combination!

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  • Newborn teethers Gift Pack
    86,45 € 91,00 € In Stock
    Looking for the perfect gift for a teething baby? With our pre-filled Newborn baby gift pack, you can have our best chewable bracelets, which babies will be able to chew on while placed around the wrist. You will also have one of our best veggie-shaped toys and our Elvis the duck to chew on and splash around during bath time fun!
  • Oli&Carol + Freshly KIDS
    21,75 € 29,00 € In Stock
    Oli&Carol joins with Freshly KIDS this summer to create this limited-edition pack with two natural and essential products for kids! Have fun with our Flo the Floatie Yellow this summer while you take care of your child's skin with the Kids Protection Sun Cream - kids-friendly & 100% safe products! Exclusive online product.  
  • Fruits&Veggies Gift Pack
    47,03 € 49,50 € In Stock
    Our favorite Fruits & Veggies pack of natural rubber teethers and bath toys is as perfect gifts for babies! Will introduce baby toddlers into a healthy lifestyle from a young age as it soothes teething gums. Cathy the Carrot, Ana Banana and Arnold the Avocado are ready to be baby’s all-time chewing and bath time favorite!
  • Water Toys pack! Super Gift Pack   - 10%
    Limited special offer
    Super Gift Pack
    137,70 € 153,00 € In Stock
    Looking for the perfect gift for a baby or a kid but you can’t decide between all the options? Choose our pre-filled Super baby gift pack which includes Oli&Carol’s best sellers!   Oli&Carol’s toys are perfect as teethers, bath and sensory play toys and even as decorative objects. They are made following an artisanal process with 100% natural...
  • Water Toys pack! Water Toys pack!   - 10%
    Limited special offer
    Bath Toys Gift Pack!
    43,20 € 48,00 € In Stock
    These natural rubber toys for babies are also perfect as beach and pool toys for Summer season. They have no hole which avoids the creation of bacteria inside. 100% worry-free play for kids!
  • Fruits Gift Pack
    110,11 € 115,90 € In Stock
    Looking for the perfect gift for a baby or a kid? Discover our healthy Fruits gift pack with all our freshly picked fruits from our Fruits&Veggies collection. These fruit-shaped baby teethers will stimulate babies’ senses while soothing little gums and introducing them into a healthy lifestyle. Their realistic textures and cheerful colours will help...
  • Water Toys Gift Pack
    88,35 € 93,00 € In Stock
    Looking for the perfect gift for a baby or a kid for bath time? Ready to waddle and splash around with babies and kids, this pre-filled Bath set will be the perfect choice! All the Oli&Carol’s toys are made in one piece with no holes, so they prevent the creation of bacteria inside and they are a worry-free safe toy!
  • Marine Gift Pack
    90,73 € 95,50 € In Stock
    Looking for the perfect gift for an adventurous baby or a kid? Water is the preferred natural habitat for these Oli&Carol toys. This pre-filled Marine baby gift pack will help babies and kids to familiarize with aquatic creatures while having lots of fun together. As all Oli&Carol’s toys it has no holes, becoming a true worry-free play in any...
  • Veggies Gift Pack
    77,81 € 81,90 € In Stock
    Looking for the perfect gift for a baby or a kid? For healthy lovers, our pre-filled Veggies gift pack is your right choice, including all our veggies toys from our Fruits&Veggies collection! Our veggie-shaped baby teethers and bath toys will stimulate babies’ senses while shooting little gums. Their realistic textures will develop their sense of...
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items