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Welcome to the Oli&Carol greenhouse: choose your favorite bouquet of teething flowers!

The garden collection wants to make babies grow into our world surrounded by nature and its living creatures.

Inspired by flowers and butterflies and with extra-detailed and realistic designs, make each toy ideal for a stimulating teething stage & an interactive bath time. Take them everywhere you go: littles can hang from a strap their favorite Garden member!

Each design of the Garden collection donates part of its benefits to the Butterfly
Conservations organization
that contributes to the preservation of the

Butterflies play a huge role in our ecosystem. They help with
polllination and seed dispersal!

"Each flower is special in its own way. From seed to bloom, flowers grow to be unique, and so do we. Each plant’s flowers are defined by its genes. In the same way as flowers, babies blossom in our worldbringing joy into our lives in different ways! Where flowers need water and sunshine for nurturing, babies need love & care to flourish. Like flowers in a garden, babies are all different, each one bringing something special to the bouquet!"


Introducing babies into important messages from an early age is key to shape their way of seeing the world.

Garden collection wants to make babies grow into our world surrounded by nature and its living creatures, while raising awareness about respecting & loving all animals.


The designs are inspired in the real flowers or butterflies that live in our environment, bringing kids closer to living creatures & the planet that surround us! Aswell, each piece is hand made & hand painted one by one, making each teether unique! There are no two alike!


Babies discover the world through their mouth. Garden collection has extremely detailed textures, shapes, holes & finishings. Apart from soothing teething gums, babies will discover new textures with each baby teether and bath toy!


This collection makes a connection between two beautiful moments: the birth of a child and the flourish of a flower. Each in its own special way, each bringing something different into our world. Our mission here is for this message to reach to babies and families aswell; we are all unique and special and that's what makes us beautiful!