Oli and Carol with Piper and poppies


“Our Oli&Carol toys have become favourites in our home. They are adorable and so well made that both kids and grown ups can appreciate. The kids for the imagination in their bathtime and playtime and grown ups for their beautiful design and aesthetic. Thanks for making products worth having! Xo” - blogger

Oli and Carol with Annie Caruso


"Walker is loving his green apple teether from Oli&Carol and mama loves that it’s made from natural rubber so there’s no gnawing on plastic for my little guy." - mother & kid’s wardrobe stylist.

Oli and Carol with Modern Dad


“Oli&Carol have so much more to offer than just the fact that there isn’t a hole in them and keep water out. They are made of 100% pure latex from trees making them also a fantastic teething toy for teething babies” - owner of The Modern Dad blog.

Oli and Carol with Wild And Whimsical Things shop


"Someone looks like they are enjoying our little Origami Boat – they are great for little ones to che won, the natural rubber is not only non toxic, but a wonderful texture for mouths to explore.” - owner of Wild And Whimsical Things shop.

Oli and Carol with Taylens Mom


"I’ve been a fan of Oli and Carol toys since day one. It was a no brainer for me, pure natural latex toys that were safe to survive the chewing, the bath routines and even look cute as decor! Truly a must for my kids and for me." - owner of Taylensmom blog, mother.

Oli and Carol with Rose & Rex


"Big beetle, Little beetle. Playing with our all-natural plant-based rubber Beetle bath cars for nightly bath time." - owner of Rose&Rex shop.

Oli and Carol with Tutete


“And we finally have in our shop the bath toys and teethers from Oli&Carol. We like them SO much because: they’re made from natural rubber from Hevea, they’re painted by hand with chewable dyes, they’re biodegradable and sustainable with the environment, and they don’t contain PVC, BPA or Nitrostamine. And if this isn’t enough, this brand created by two sisters help kids from the north of india go to school. What a lovely brand.” - Online Store based in Spain.

Oli and Carol with Gretel


"Olive The Deer (in her special little box) by Oli&Carol is probably the cutest thing we have ever, ever seen. Buy her at Gretel now!” - owner of Gretel Home shop.

Oli and Carol with Things like Skeleton Keys


“We love our magical little Oli&Carol teethers and bath toys! The hand painted quality is so charming and they are so soft and perfect for Jonah to chew on!” - Owner of Things like Skeleton Keys blog, mother.

Oli and Carol with Lettering and Design


“My baby has loved these for teething and I love that they're made of a natural rubber with no holes for mold to grow. A socially responsible company as a bonus! We're big fans.” - Owner of Allie Seidel, Lettering & Design blog, mother.

Oli and Carol with Louise Simpson


" I just have to say how much I love your products they are so well designed and finished, incredibly tactile and beautiful so much better that the common plastic bath toys that you get. And what a wonderful thing to finally have bath toys without that awful hole in that traps all the damp and nasty black mold I honestly don't know how that's even allowed for baby toys it's so nice and comforting to know that with Oli and Carol our bath times (and play times) are safe and clean." - mother & blogger.

Oli and Carol with Stephanie Duval


" I love that I can completely trust the brand to be safe and hygienic for my kids. I know that it’s a small company with good people behind it: that is worth so much to me. The whimsical designs and the beautiful colors are my favorite part. The fact that they’re so soft and chewable are my daughter’s favorite part :) I, too, have been seduced by inferior plastic toys before, but I have thrown them all out since I discovered Oli&Carol." - mother & influencer.

Oli and Carol with Kelly Packer


"We absolutely have looooved our Oli and Carol toys! Not only are they darling but they are functional and hold up nice. Easy to clean and my babe loves chewing on them and wearing them as bracelets. I also love that they items characters from nature. The best!!" - mother, blogger & influencer.

Oli and Carol with Steffi Martina


"My baby girl loves her Oli&Carol toys. She plays with them all the time! We even took them with us when travelled to Italy! I highly recommend using these toys since they are high quality products and have a great design!" - mother & influencer.

Oli and Carol with Celeste Wright


"Our Oli & Carol bath toys have been a favorite since our daughter was born. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each toy is astounding! We love the unique approach to something as classic as a rubber ducky, and get a kick out of every piece of our Oli & Carol collection. " - mother & influencer.

Oli and Carol with Vanessa Breuer


"First of all I wish I would have had this amazing idea! I was always annoyed at toys getting moldy and being mainly produced in China. Oli&Carol's products are absolutely brilliant- perfect for teething, as bath toys and super adorable. I personally love all the fruit and vegetables. I originally got the toys for my youngest daughter when she was teething but even my oldest daughter (3,5) is using the toys for her kitchen now. I love the little stories they come with!" - mother & blogger.



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